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Monday, January 21, 2008

Vegan Editing:Joining Weight Watchers

I took another huge step,

I figured out that I must do something. I eat out (a lot) and take in Vegan lunches, cookies and candy (like on "I can't Believe it's Vegan!" website)After consideration and current activity I decided that Weight Watchers would be best for the lifestyle. A lot of the Vegan items I love so is low in points (Like my Veggie hot dog is 1 point)...even the egg re placers are 0 points. Not ordering cheese, meats and desserts laden with dead animals caused my pointage to drop faster than most people. This has also inspired me to begin a small workout routine...
I also vegan edited my favorite Spinach Pasta:
Tossing together fat free Italian Dressing,Seminole (Sp?)Spaghetti (Save-a-Lot said NO EGGS I love Save-A-Lot)cooked spinach and Vegan Parmesan cheese. Points? 6 points for a decent size meal (I purposefully super sized the spinach amount)If I wanted something creamier(AKA Alfredo Sauce), fat free soy milk, Smart Balance Margarine and Garlic..Yummy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Vegan Editing; Little Treat for myself

I went to knitpicks, looking (and drooling) through the cotton-y yarn....I finally gave and bought myself some Shine Sport Modal. I also took a deep breath and purchased this:

Made in Ultrasuede THANK YOU!
I did not know how cool ultrasuede was (especially for vegans) until I looked through what the fiber actually was!! I was so happy that I bought such a simple bag in rich chocolate brown for my knitting that is Cruelty free!!! Long Live Plano!!!

My big thing right now is Jade stone (No Corall!!)and I love Oriental things.

I got some reusable chopsticks because I learned to use them like a pro when I was 6 years old and I looooooove using them to eat my veggies and quick they make you EAT focus so much on picking up your food you tend to eat slower thereby filling you up faster.

I also got in my AVON stuff....Fantastic!The smells are neither cheap nor husband loves his Black Suede Cologne

So now that Vegan Edited my choice of handbags (Canvas and Ultrasuede), toiletries (We buy at AVON)it is one stpe closer to a more active and postive Vegan lifestyle..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 3-2.0 Choco rush


This afternoon I was drooling over my brand new Knitpicks Interchangables ( marveling over the smoothness of the wood and pretty colors. I dug around for the perfect scrap yarn and started knitting away.
Content and not doing a half-bad job I realized that I was having the MOTHER of all chocolate crashes....I had a craving so bad I was seeing everything as either a cookie or candy bar. Okay I am doing my 30 day pledge so I went to the PETA website and got a list of cookies I am able to get. I ran to my local Shop Rite and what do you know? Famous Amos Chocolate sandwich cookies and choco soy milk.....Choco Crash averted...
I eat my veggies and fruit and I love my wheat egg-free pasta..but I wanted JUNK FOOD and I got it!!
Now I will have my fries and vegan corn dogs..YUMMY!

Day 3-Vegan Editing my other Love, photography

I researched it....looked high and low for the alternatives to photo processing methods which involve Alubumin (Eggs) and Geletan ( What did I find ? Digital, that is it. The days of sitting in a darkroom rolling film when I got angry is falling by the wayside and I am cool with that. People swear"But digital is cheating" if only they knew the amount of processing and handiwork that goes into "editing" 35mm . It takes about the same length of time as a digital image and the results are the same. In the lab the photographer was able to "Dodge and Burn" using techniques of exposure....same thing with Photoshop.

Maybe to make it authentic I should put my computer into an otherwise 99 percent dark room and edit away with only the aid (and focus) of the computer light. I must also calibrate my baby...a massive size HP printer I got myself for Christmas (I gave myself alot of photo stuff this year)

Also, I cleaned out my medicine cabinet as well. No more Unilever, 'cause they test on animals. I am now only using Avon and other products because the DO NOT test on Animals. Avon rocks, not only are their prices right and makeup great..they are very animal friendly. My Avon rep? Someone I know in my Loom Knitting Group....great person. I'll call her Loomie Julie, and her Avon website is:

She definitely hooked THIS Vegan girl up..can't wait to get the stuff....

It makes it easier for my 30 day Vegan Pledge

Til then!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 1

Starting this I realize just how liberating returning to the Vegan lifestyle is. It feels joyous and lighter, like a big heavy cow sized burden is lifted off of you. I look at foods I love to eat anyway and feel motivated.
I am not a writer...I am a Photographer, Student, Animal and Human Rights Activist, one day I will hope to be a Therapist, Mother and an overall content and happy person. I will post...I am also a Knitter and I love ideas for patterns and love to hear what others think about issues.
Above is my dog...she is my Sunshine (literally, that is her name) a Pet Therapy Dog and one of the best dogs (though she is very hard to photograph)...You will see her time to time as I Blog more and more
If you are going to speak, please speak nice. I am very open minded, but to be hateful or cut people down because of their styles is not what this is all about.
Today I ate at Baja Fresh..Veggie Burrito NO CHEESE...Yummy..I could live off of Guacamole.
I love recipes and as I learn more and more about the Vegan Lifestyle I would like to hear something from everyone...So begins day 1 towards animal rights and overall health.

Til Later,